About Caryn Caldwell

Caryn Caldwell PortraitCaryn Caldwell writes the kind of YA novels she loved to stay up late reading as a teen – lots of mayhem, humor, and, of course, romance. She’s been crafting stories since childhood (when she regularly rescued her Barbies from imagined peril), through her teen years (when she wrote depressing poetry for fun), and into adulthood (when she discovered that writing books was more enjoyable than housework).

She has been an English teacher, tutor, librarian, and white water rafting guide, and is happy as long as she can get some writing in each day. She lives in the southwestern U.S. with her husband, daughter, two cats, and an ever-expanding collection of books. When she’s not busy writing novels, she’s been known to blog, Tweet, play around on Tumblr and Facebook, and take photos.

Questions? Contact Caryn. If you’re not a spammer, she’ll even e-mail you back. (Wow, isn’t technology wonderful?)

Literary Representation: Danielle Barthel and Suzie Townsend of New Leaf Literary & Media.

Photos by: Heather Clark of Heather Clark Photography.