I Want That Job! (Or, What I Learned About Careers by Watching Movies)

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Considering a career change? Need a job for a character in your next novel? No need to ask an actual person for his or her job description. Just watch movies. According to Hollywood, here’s what a variety of different jobs entail:

Subway/Train Conductor:
Look horrified while pulling ineffectively at the brakes.

Random Politician:
Gaze sternly into camera.
Pound podium.
Spray spittle and vitriol.

President of the United States:
Fly around in helicopters.
Make grave speeches.
Walk in step with perky young aide.

Go undercover.
Research life-or-death stories spouse/editor/creepy anonymous voice on the phone told you not to touch.
Fall in love with source.

Newspaper Editor:
Throw things.
Surreptitiously print exposé up-and-coming reporter wrote, printed, handed to you, then asked you not to run. Declare it their best work yet.

Movie Director:
Holler “Cut!” and, on occasion, “Action!”

Motel/Convenience Store Clerk:
Shrug in bored fashion when someone shoves a photo under your nose and asks, “Have you seen this person?”

Adjust robes.
Frown at witnesses.
Shout “Order!” and “Overruled!” at random intervals.
Pound gavel.

Taxi Driver:
Cruise streets without picking anyone up.
Make witty banter while chasing another car or racing toward the airport.
Glance at passengers in rear-view mirror. Make bug eyes when you see what they’re doing back there.

Run awkwardly.
Kick kneecaps.
Get shot.

Mob Boss:
Eat spaghetti.
Casually order multiple murders.
Examine well-buffed fingernails.

Your turn. What careers have you learned about thanks to movies?

  • http://www.suzannebrandyn.com Suzanne

    What hilarious comments as well. lol lol… I agree totally.

    I can’t think of any at present, but it’s on my mind. lol

  • http://lcwrite2.blogspot.com Susan R. Mills

    This is fun! I’m a little travel weary and my brain’s not working, but if I think of something to add, I’ll come back!

  • http://www.alice-anderson.com Alice Anderson

    Not necessarily thanks to a movie but when you said I want that job I instantly thought “staging person for Pottery Barn photo shoots!” How’s that for a dream job?

  • http://caryncaldwell.com Caryn Caldwell

    Suzanne & Susan – If you think of any, feel free to come back and add to the list!

    Alice – Oh, wouldn’t that be fun? I’ve thought the same thing from time to time!

  • http://www.patkumicich.blogspot.com Pat

    Your post is a hoot. I especially like the definition of a politician – so timely!

    • http://caryncaldwell.com Caryn Caldwell

      Thanks, Pat! Yes, the political season (and the slew of political dramas I’ve run into lately) inspired that one.

  • http://www.coachteresa.com Teresa O’Neill

    Wow, I am so impressed with your original post and the number of responses. Then again we are all writers of blogs and there was something very open ended and inviting about your topic. Great job.
    Visiting and loving the A to Z challenge.

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